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Thank you

Received an email today from an old friend. I was surprised to know that he has been learning updates about my life through my blog.   Today is an emotional day. I am tired, drained, and frustrated with myself to… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia in action: trying to be a good citizen

We decided to bring her for a walk after dinner and our Pokemon Go hunt (Yes, I am still into it even though everyone say it’s dying!). As there is some “branches cutting” on the trees nearby the playground this… Continue Reading →

Before and after Wefie

Sometimes… I missed the good old days when I was still ‘young’ and free~ In the past, wefie means: Now, wefie means: Haha… need to edit a bit because of my irremovable fats.

Mama Whining: Perioral Dermatitis

It’s been months since I am attacked by the perioral dermatitis.Was very disturb.It seem to get slightly better for a while during my long break but it get worse again once I’m back to work and get on current project.Shall… Continue Reading →

Missing in action… again.

I will be missing in action again.Life is too hectic in current projects – both personal and work.But I will be back soon. With more changes. Hopefully better ones.

Random thoughts: When you are…

WeekendsWhen you are single, you have 2 days for weekendWhen you are married, you have 1 day for weekendWhen you are a parent, you have 2 hours for weekend (if you are lucky)ShoppingWhen you are single, you shop for toyWhen… Continue Reading →

宝宝随想曲: 领悟

看着沉睡中的她,有了一些领悟: 每一个人一生中都曾经有过一段吃饱了就睡,睡醒了就吃,无忧无虑的日子。 只可惜我们那时太年轻,不懂得享受珍惜。长大后,我们因为没有这段记忆,所以不禁羡慕他人。其实,我们每一个人,都曾经幸福得让其他人羡慕过。

Simply Random: Kindness

And so today I started off with an interesting encounter… it’s nothing much.Just that… a gentlemen who looks like an India Indian, gave up seats to me! I guess it’s a sign to break my ‘India Indian never give up… Continue Reading →

Sleep like a baby

Used to like to say I want to sleep like a baby, now I know why I constantly lack of sleep… babies wake up every few hours for milk! =.=”

Happiness 幸福

Happiness can be a very simple thing, but why are there so much unhappy people in this world?Yesterday knew about a good news from my close friends, congratulations.Today saw a good news from someone I chatted once, congratulations also.I wish I can… Continue Reading →

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