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Photo time: Photos of the day – 2012-10-10

ALthough I took formal photography lessons before, and go out for photography outings every now and then, my progess of improvement is consider slowest among my batch of peers. 🙁 Nevertheless, I love photography and this is one of the… Continue Reading →

Photo time: Sky 我的天空

I love looking at the sky, it looks different every seconds… On my way back home… 2 blocks away from my flat… When I reached my block few minutes later….

Photo time: Garden By The Bay – First evening walk

This is my first evening walk at the Garden By The Bay, the last round I came here, is early in the morning for the Pocari Run. T___T Nice sky for the view.

Recap of September 2012: Lantern Festival @ Chinese Garden 2012

Wanted to carry lanterns with the weirdos but somehow the timing always cannot fit in well. So G decided that we can go to carry the lantern this year. Heard that there are fireworks at the Lantern Festival at Chinese… Continue Reading →


Took this on my way to toilet during work 😛 植物花语 自由、幸福、潇洒、为恋爱打扮的男孩子  无论何时,无论何地,永远不要忘记你爱的人在等你  能飞向天堂的鸟,能把各种情感、思恋带到天堂  友谊  [Source from 百度:]

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