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Hello from Faraway land~

Hello all~In case you are wondering why am I so quiet, I have reached my faraway land. Still trying to get over my jet lag. Will share more when I am more settled. Hope you like this sunrise photo. Morning… Continue Reading →

Beautiful China

Saw the poster at the bus stop when I drop off from my bus….Guess what catch my sight?

Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S4 zoom!~

It’s sort of funny to be aware that a phone is reviewed even before it is officially announced, but it just happened anyway. Lets welcome the birth of… I mean ‘official announcement’ of Galaxy S4 Zoom!! Photo lover good news: … Continue Reading →

穷旅者之行:胜淘沙巴拉湾海滩半日游 Poor Traveller: Sentosa Palawan Beach half day tour

“Today, let’s pretend we are tourist and just explore Sentosa like we never came here before!” – So this is what he told me~ And this is how we behave for the next half day 🙂 We are bored of… Continue Reading →

Random: What’s up getting a OTG(On-The-Go) cable?

Was with G at PC Show 2013 looking for a reliable power bank for my next journey. G decided to get a micro-USB OTG(On-The-Go) cable after hearing his friend sharing that this will enable his mobile to connect to other… Continue Reading →

Photo Time: Cure Festival Singapore at DBS Marina Regatta 2013

Saw that there is a Cosplay event – Cure Festival Singapore at DBS Marina Regatta 2013 on Facebook so decided to go there to practise my photography skills.This round I decided to try the tips given by Francis, but unfortunately, not… Continue Reading →

Tulipmania – Gardens by the Bay

I love tulips. More than roses. But tulips have shorter lifespan compare to rose, especially in hot country such as Singapore. And I only get to see them in florist shops, not in a pot. In May, we have the… Continue Reading →

天空 The sky


Happy Time: KidzGo Playhouse

TS purchased a voucher from Qoo10 to bring AJ to KidzGo Playhouse in Tampines to play. Follow TS to capture some photos of the professional model – AJ but seems like the the amateur photographer – CF still have a… Continue Reading →

Photo Time: Learning

Quite some time ago took a photo at fort canning which I pretty like (my composition sucks so seldom I get to like my own photos) but was feedback that it’s too over exposed. My over exposed photo taken at… Continue Reading →

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