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New Zealand

I wish….

I wish I can fly as carefree as them. Can I?

New Zealand: Hūnua Ranges Regional Park

Enjoy traveling. Because it expand one’s horizon. Enjoy taking photos. Because it keep memories. A and S decided to go Hūnua Ranges Regional Park last Sunday for a hiking and photo taking session and they invited me along, since I have… Continue Reading →

I’m back!

It’s been “quite some time” since I last update my blog.G had came over to New Zealand and we have gone traveling a bit around the country. Due to tight time constraint and lack of research before hand, we only… Continue Reading →

Lazy Friday

It’s Friday the 13th.  One bad news and one disappointment.  But who cares? Just sleep it through and appreciate every moment in life. 🙂

Singapore Food Blog VS New Zealand Food Blog

As I was surfing, I come across this website – New Zealand Food Bloggers Association.The association is open to all New Zealand food bloggers to join and they will get to promote their blog on the website. This is interesting to… Continue Reading →

Traveling: Ignorance is blessing 初生之犊不畏虎

Ignorance is blessing.When I told friends that I did not dare to bring my beloved camera (GF2) around in Auckland (New Zealand), but they knew I been bring it around when I was in Siam Reap (Cambodia), most of them… Continue Reading →

Learning New Zealand

Had my first McDonald Meal in Auckland. Somehow I miss the cheap McDonald breakfast in Los Angeles. Hotcake meal – 3 hotcakes and a coffee cost $6NZD Sport what is different between the hotcake meal for Singapore and New Zealand? … Continue Reading →

A blessing in disguise

(Day 6)Supposed to drive the car out to run errand and explore the area.. Guess what? It dies on me! RIP… I don’t meant to kill you T__T Not sure if it’s my luck… just hope J won’t be too… Continue Reading →

Hello from Faraway land~

Hello all~In case you are wondering why am I so quiet, I have reached my faraway land. Still trying to get over my jet lag. Will share more when I am more settled. Hope you like this sunrise photo. Morning… Continue Reading →

Rainy Auckland

(Day 1) I was deeply amused when the custom officer announced that “There is nothing challenging today!”, and at the same time, very, very relief. Everyone has been warning me against bringing any food product into the country, so I… Continue Reading →

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