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Hello Hello, when can I say bye bye to you, Eczema?

Kpo Kia’s medi for her eczema My encounter with itSince I was a young kid, I always heard the same comment on my shin: “哇!你的脚很‘亮’叻!”(Wow! You legs are so ‘shiny’), or “你的脚很干,记得搽润护霜·”(Your skin is very dry leh, must remember to… Continue Reading →

Oh no! My body is aging too fast!

I had a body of age 27 when I was in my early-mid 30s… it’s not surprising for me to feel depress when I saw this in my latest measurement… When one’s body decided that it’s aging at the speed… Continue Reading →

OMG… my backlog

Omg…. was looking through my phone to remove clear some space and discovered I had almost a year worth of backlog! Lol. Being a mother tired me, being a mother in my late 30s exhausted me more….  I need to set a time to… Continue Reading →

Random thoughts: When you are…

WeekendsWhen you are single, you have 2 days for weekendWhen you are married, you have 1 day for weekendWhen you are a parent, you have 2 hours for weekend (if you are lucky)ShoppingWhen you are single, you shop for toyWhen… Continue Reading →

Counting Down

Soon it will be a whole new chapter of my life.Looking forward with fears and uncertainty.However, will welcome it with faith.Remember, what doesn’t kills you, make you stronger! ^ω^

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