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Being a Mum vs a Grandma

Come across a random picture online and it got me LOL to the max. This is so true! I believe most parents have to go through this. Our own mother, while bringing us up, are strict and firm; but when… Continue Reading →

FREE $5 SuperMom Vouchers for Baby Fair 2017 ( 17-19 Feb 2017 @ Marina Bay Sand, Singapore)

Going to Baby Fair become a favourite shopping events for Mr. G and I ever since we found out about Kpo Kia, we can get almost everything we need (and don’t need) all in the same event. As a first… Continue Reading →

昙花一现 A flash in the pan

妈妈种的昙花在农历初二十点半盛开了!尽管只是昙花一现,妈妈却也乐翻了!虽然美好的事物未必长久,但别忘了感恩。毕竟此刻,我们是真的感到无比幸福。 百度百科:昙花一现,指美好的事物出现的时间很短。昙花是一种灌木状肉质植物,花朵非常美丽,但是开花时间却只有3至4小时,可谓十分之短。人们用昙花一现来比喻美好事物不持久。 The Epiphyllum (also called night-blooming cereus) which mum is planting bloomed on the second day of Lunar New Year 10.30PM.Although it’s just a flash in the pan, she is over-joyed!Even though good things might not last long, but… Continue Reading →

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