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Hello 2018!

2017 has been a really busy year for me, so busy that it passed by even before I can achieve any thing. Believe I mentioned before in this blog that I will always come up a list of goals before… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, 2016~~

2016 is a slow year for me, there’s not much progress in certain aspect of my life but it still turn out to be a good year overall. Some little achievements and things that keep me happy in the year… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Myself~!

OMG! I am no longer a “youth” in Singapore context. Entering another phase in my life soon, all I wish is happiness and peace and good health for me and my love oneS… 🙂

Now, for me happiness means healthy life

Now, for me happiness means healthy life. In the past happy means money life. Above statement is not written by me. It’s extracted from an email from an old pal to me.We sort of lost touch for quite some time,… Continue Reading →

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