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Time flies…

Looks what I found?!!How time flies… one moment I was excitingly collecting the SG25 telephone card, the other moment I am waiting to collect the SG50 baby hampers… wuahahah!~ Will I get to witness SG75?

Pregnancy Journal: So far….

Image courtesy of patrisyu at Ever since I am aware of my pregnancy, what have I done so far? Make the announcement to our family and some of our close friends (have yet to inform some of the other… Continue Reading →

Feeling of the day… Morbid

It’s funny but today…. I feel… Image credit: Smashing Magazine


Seldom blog as much these days… is busy with work and personal stuff.I am currently working on something interesting, and this apply to both my work and personal projects.Yes, I complaint about them.Yes, I enjoyed them more, more than what… Continue Reading →


According to is “a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to make them better : a complacent feeling or condition.” Although I am not a wannabe to make to have all the best of… Continue Reading →

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