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Oh no! My body is aging too fast!

I had a body of age 27 when I was in my early-mid 30s… it’s not surprising for me to feel depress when I saw this in my latest measurement… When one’s body decided that it’s aging at the speed… Continue Reading →

Upcoming Dhamma Talk: Good? Bad? Who Knows? by Ajahn Brahm

I am so looking forward to the upcoming talk: Sometimes when we think that we have made the right decision, things go awry unexpectedly. There are other times when we thought something bad happened and much good has come out… Continue Reading →

I Quit.

The tarot reading I had taken recently at the Fullhouse Signature Singapore official opening reminds me of something I nearly forgotten again.Today, I decided that I will quit…. Image source: Image credit: being negative, and I shall not let my… Continue Reading →

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