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Social Media 101 Lessons: How to do Facebook Cover Photos

Social Media 101 Lessons: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Selfies

All bloggers must know this~

How to Shoot Razor Sharp Water Splash

This is so cool! Anyone interested to try with me? The challenge is… how to get a place where the owner does not mind to have it turning into a reservoir? T__T

50 Quick Photography Tips

I always like the way the team share the photography tips in their hilarious manner 🙂I like tips 34: Shoot to please no one apart from yourself.

Random: Social Media + Digital Photography 随想:社会化媒体+数码摄影

When I saw this video shared over facebook, I can’t stop laughing at it.This is so… the general Singaporean. I am definitely not the camwhore but I am guilty of stopping people from eating and *bang bang bang* (shooting) the… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: My first studio shoot experience

What’s more to say other than very big THANK YOU to Edmund Sim from and Jeny Nazareth from Nishka Events to enable my ‘virgin studio shoot’ experience to happen? A lot of photos are not good as I wanted… Continue Reading →

Photo Time: Re-look, Re-visit, Re-cap

Attended a workshop organised by Francis Lee. One of the objective of the workshop is for people like me to ‘re-look, re-visit, re-cap’ our thoughts. 🙂 Francis shared some thoughts on my previous batch of cosplay photo and given me… Continue Reading →

Photo Time: Heaven and Earth

Didn’t take as much photo as I expected, perhaps I was too tired.

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