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Movie Review: At Cafe 6《六弄咖啡館》

Image credit: At Cafe 6 Official Facebook page Movie synopsisMiss Liang’s car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: My New Sassy Girl 《我的新野蛮女友》

Movie synopsisA sequel to the 2001 hit romantic-comedy “My Sassy Girl” – Cha Tae-hyun returns to reprise his role as Gyun-woo together with Victoria (member of South Korean girl group f(x)) as the new ‘sassy girl’. Gyun-woo (Cha Tae-hyun) is… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Fashion King

Movie synopsisA teenage boy transforms from a ‘fashion terrorist’ to a ‘fashion king’ in order to win the heart of the prettiest girl in school. With a pair of thick glasses and stuffy appearance to boot, high school student Gi-myeong… Continue Reading →

Movie time: 12 Golden Ducks 《金鸭》

Movie synopsisA group of middle-aged men are playing mahjong; it’s the St. Stephen Lutheran Middle School reunion party. It’s the St Stephen Lutheran Middle school reunion party and a group of middle-aged men are playing mahjong, while watching a TV… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: King Of Mahjong 麻雀王

Mahjong is a favourite hobby for a lot of Chinese, including my dad. 😛Remembered when Sis and I went to Hong Kong, there are a lot of mahjong center near our hotel, and outside the center have a big signboard… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友

The friendship and love between the 3 of them really make me laugh like mad throughout the whole show.  KWAK Jae-yong, the director of “Meet Miss Anxiety”, had directed “Asian Girlfriends Trilogy”, naming them are Jun Ji-hyun – the korea… Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: Comedy

你有沒有試過看電影時一直覺得喉頭酸酸的,很想哭?可那明明是一部喜劇。 — 张小娴

The Expert

Friend share this Youtube video and it really got me LOL~ Working as a programmer for the past x years, I have deals with so many such Project managers and clients. Although most of the time I am ‘luckily’ not… Continue Reading →

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