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Reminder of the day

Saw this on facebook: I was once again reminded why I started and maintained this blog, and felt a bit disappointed that I have been detoured along the way. I have wanted to sharpen my photography skill, but what I… Continue Reading →

Black and White : The Dawn Of Justice Gala Premiere 痞子英雄2:黎明升起首映礼

Thanks to Sis and Clover Films, I got to watch the Gala Premiere of the Black and White : The Dawn Of Justice at [email protected] Glad to be able to see the lead actor – Mark Chao (趙又廷) and Director –… Continue Reading →

Same trick, different eyes – my second trip at Trick Eye Museum

Ever since my wedding on last Sunday, G and I have been super busy like mad clearing all the backlog in our work, wedding stuffs, and also attending to our almost done, but still not done yet love nest. Thanks… Continue Reading →

Days without Opennet

Guess what?I have converted into an ‘off-line’ blogger thanks to the poor opennet which was ‘terminated’ accidentally by the guys who helped dad to install the feature wall since last week. So I am now officially wire-LESS and get online… Continue Reading →

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