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Social Media Influencer VS Luxury hotel

And so today after I wake up, a topic immediately caught my attention – Luxury hotel banning social media influencers. It’s shared across quite a few facebook posts on my feed and over my whatsapp groups. As kpo as me… Continue Reading →

Hello~ My new domain!

Hello dear readers!Do not be surprise when you typed in “” and saw you are send to “” instead. I have just bought myself a new domain. 🙂 The following content will be slightly more technical, hope you will not… Continue Reading →

Random: Amateur Blogger Checklist

Chatting with JL and I am suddenly inspired…As an amateur blogger, I always tend to forget ‘something’. Thus, it’s better for me to come up with a amateur blogger checklist. Things to bring: Camera  Fully charged battery  Fully charged spare… Continue Reading →

Reflection Time: Bloggers’ sharing session

Got to attend the blogger sharing session: Blogging for Leisure VS Profit: A Blogger’s Dilemma – held by There are some insightful sharing from the panelists, on various topics, e.g. what are the attributes required for a profit-earning blogger, the… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Confession of Murder

Thanks to Golden Village and, once again I get to watch the movie preview~ This round, of the Korean action thriller, Confession of Murder. Surprise, surprise, and surprise! Everything is out of my expectation. Never expect so much action… Continue Reading →

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