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Good News for Jubilee Babies… and the future SG babies

Just when we are stressing over the scary hospital bill… Good news are announced. Image source: Channel NewsAsia Initially we are entitled for SGD$6000 of baby bonus for our first “Singapore citizen baby” as this is the amount of baby… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Child-Birth Educational Course

And so the kiasu first time parents decided to take up the parenting course from Thomson ParentCraft Centre. Initially we want to book the lesson conducted by the famous ‘baby whisperer’ – Mrs Wong Boh Boi, but since we book the… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Old wife tales about pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I was already filled with loads of old wife tales about pregnancy.After I know I am pregnant, I begin to do my own research on more old wife tale, hopefully can help myself to learn which… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Sharings on the stretch marks creams I used

And so I have been a walking cocoa butter for the past few months.I have now switched to Mustela now… Let me share my experience with the 3 type of stretch mark cream till date. Note that I still can’t escape the… Continue Reading →

Pregnant Journal: Baby Day

And so today is a baby day…. Station 1In the morning, we went to the Thomson Medical Hospital Tour. Although we have already completed our pre-admission to the room, we still wish to ‘tour around’ just to ensure we know… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Time to “slim” down

Panic attack when I know that Kirimi is now 710gm. She has exceeded the recommended maximum weight by 110gm!!It’s a no-brainer to know that the mummy has obviously been eating a lot and also gained too much weight herself. She… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Walking Cocoa Butter

I am now smelling like a walking cocoa butter… Why? Because paranoid me have been loyally applying cocoa butter on my fatty tummy in fear of stretch marks. What are stretch marks? According to Wikipedia:Stretch marks are a form of… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Confinement lady hunt

I sort of make up my mind to engage a confinement lady once I know I am pregnant. Reason why I didn’t seek the elderly’s help: I wish myself to have the confinement in an environment where I feel most… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Baby Shower Ideas

Image courtesy of m_bartosch at Haha, I know people might think it’s a bit too early but learning from my previous experience in my wedding preparation, I sincerely wish to plan something nice for our princess. I guess I… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: So far….

Image courtesy of patrisyu at Ever since I am aware of my pregnancy, what have I done so far? Make the announcement to our family and some of our close friends (have yet to inform some of the other… Continue Reading →

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