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Parenthood: Arrival of Princess Leticia

Today is the 4th month after Leticia is born, decided to share my delivery experience on this public blog with other first time mum who might be interested. I have to say that everyone have different experience depending on their… Continue Reading →

Happy 14-02-2016!~

Happy 14-02-2016!Happy Valentine’s Day!Happy Birthday! Hope you can be happy everyday! 祝您二零一六年二月十四日快乐!情人节快乐!人日快乐! 希望您每天都快乐! p/s: In case if you are wondering why I greet you Happy Birthday, today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year, it is believe that human… Continue Reading →

Mum & Baby Zumba Dance Class

Shall I?My kinetic skill sux, but then again, this seem fun! Search online and saw that there is Mum & Baby Zumba Dance Class in Singapore, but I need to “apply leave” to go, wonder if Daddy will allow me… Continue Reading →

Motherhood: Breast pump & flanges

*This post may gets too “personal” and interest to no one except first time mum like me. Continue at your own risk* Few months ago I got my first breast pump set – Spectra 9+ from, and it comes… Continue Reading →

A letter to Dear Santa (2015)

Dear Santa,This year is a special year… and I have been specially good.I have been a good girl to the Singapore government – I give birth to a SG50 girl, knowing she will face a lot of competition 12 years… Continue Reading →

Ideal world Vs Reality

From pregnancy to delivery to taking care of the little Princess, I get to experienced the reality which is so much different from the ideal world. How I wish I can share more, now, but it’s a bit challenging to… Continue Reading →

宝宝随想曲: 领悟

看着沉睡中的她,有了一些领悟: 每一个人一生中都曾经有过一段吃饱了就睡,睡醒了就吃,无忧无虑的日子。 只可惜我们那时太年轻,不懂得享受珍惜。长大后,我们因为没有这段记忆,所以不禁羡慕他人。其实,我们每一个人,都曾经幸福得让其他人羡慕过。

Taking a break

Guess I can’t update the blog as frequent now as I need to attend to my little Princess.Glad that she is born under sign of Libra 😛

Pregnancy Journal: Waiting Game

Have started my maternity leave much earlier than EDD as I wish to have a break from the crowded peak hour train, and I thought she might like to come out earlier… but then… sometimes planning is just planning… she… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Is it too late?

While waiting for some signs… my mind starts to wonder and think of the thousands things I should do before my dear pops out…Is it too late to look for newborn photography package now… 🙁 Image credit: Flickr (Oli Young)

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