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Kpo Kia @ her 21st months

One month plus into her enrichment class in My Little Genius @ Hougang, her progress is not as fast as I expected, she still don’t really understand the instruction of the teachers well. Talked to the admin lady (I keep… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia @ her 20th months

Time flies and she turned 20th month in end June. Interestingly, she spoke lesser new words after she went to childcare, instead, she began to talk more ‘baby language’ which basically don’t make sense to any adult, at least not… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia Mama Tip #1: Baby Safe Pesticides

Tip shared by mama’s ex-colleague:Always keep a bottle of children safe insect repellent spray. It works well as pesticides without the odour.

Toddler Health: Side effects of Antibiotics

Since few years back I have tried to avoid Antibiotics at all cost, as I do not want to depends on medication to build my immune system. This is especially after I learnt that if we stopped the antibiotics before… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia @ her 19th months

And so she started her childcare since beginning of May. Somehow, her vocabulary did not expand as much @[email protected] and now she can only ‘speak’: Papa Mama Nana (Banana) Cat (Dog, cats are referred as Cat to her) Duc (Dog, cats… Continue Reading →

Media Invite: My Little Genius Open House @ Jurong East

For the past couple of months, I have been wondering if I am depriving Kpo Kia from developing her full potential as I can observe that she is always eager to learn. Recently I started to look around for some… Continue Reading →

Our first family trip @ Bangkok Thailand (Part 1)

Since I was very young, I longed for a family trip – with my parents and siblings to America (back then I thought that is a nice place to go for whatever reason, not knowing the distance, time and money… Continue Reading →

Hello Hello, when can I say bye bye to you, Eczema?

Kpo Kia’s medi for her eczema My encounter with itSince I was a young kid, I always heard the same comment on my shin: “哇!你的脚很‘亮’叻!”(Wow! You legs are so ‘shiny’), or “你的脚很干,记得搽润护霜·”(Your skin is very dry leh, must remember to… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia @ her 18th months

She spent her 18th month in Bangkok with her maternal grandparents and her aunty, uncle + fiancée. Over the trip, her vocabulary expanded slightly and now she can ‘speak’: Papa Mama Nana (Banana) Cat (Dog, cats are referred as Cat… Continue Reading →

Get an exclusive Vintage Mug in celebration of MAGNOLIA 80th Anniversary

Milk is excellent source of Calcium – a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Cow’s milk is fortified with vitamin D, which also benefits bone health. Calcium and vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis. On top of these, milk also… Continue Reading →

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