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Exercise Time: Income Eco Run 2017

I have stopped attending running event ever since I got pregnant.After Kpo Kia is popped, I have been contemplating if I should, or rather, if I can, attend anymore running event. After some calculation on timing + “negotiation” with Kpo Kia… Continue Reading →

Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2016/2017

When I was first introduce to wine, I was a bit overwhelm by the tons of knowledge behind wine tasting. While drinking wine is a simple and enjoyable activity, wine tasting is a defined process in which a taster will… Continue Reading →

Last day of Lunar Chinese New Year 2017

初十五。 元宵节。 吃汤圆,庆团圆。 时间过得好快,没有借口再无忌肆地大吃大喝了。。。是时候减肥了。。。年纪不小的我,有办法成功吗?


祝大家鸡年行大运, 鸡会多多, 鸡星高照! 记得,好运一到,鸡不可失! 吓够大家了。。。 还是来张可爱点的吧! A photo posted by cf (@chokfern) on Jan 27, 2017 at 10:21pm PST

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