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Happy 2015!

It’s amazing how life goes. People always say 20s is the peak of one’s life, when you have all the time and energy to chase after the life you want, but I had not been “living” till I am in… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2014~

Merry Christmas to all from Singapore!Thanks for reading my blog – reading my whining, my joy, my thoughts, my experiences.Especially thanks to my loves one for being with me… and my friends from far away countries who always keep contact… Continue Reading →

Eventful 2 weeks

It’s an “eventful” 2 weeks…From moving house to completion of wedding, from moving things between the houses to sending the old man to hospital…Wish he recover soon. *Hugs*

2XU Compression Run 2014

It’s exercise time again!After slagging for months, I finally get to exercise my lazy bum again… but on the day after my wedding gown selection … is a bit… wrong timing 🙁 My legs are painful like mad and I… Continue Reading →

Upcoming Dhamma Talk: Good? Bad? Who Knows? by Ajahn Brahm

I am so looking forward to the upcoming talk: Sometimes when we think that we have made the right decision, things go awry unexpectedly. There are other times when we thought something bad happened and much good has come out… Continue Reading →


Seldom blog as much these days… is busy with work and personal stuff.I am currently working on something interesting, and this apply to both my work and personal projects.Yes, I complaint about them.Yes, I enjoyed them more, more than what… Continue Reading →

Hello 2014!

Hello 2014! How did you spent your New Year eve and New Year?Went to theme restaurant for both my lunch and dinner on New Year eve and was showering while everyone in Singapore was busy counting down and eh… yes,… Continue Reading →

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