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National Breakfast Day: EGG-citing Times with McDonald

Eating breakfast is always tops on the “Best Nutrition Tips” lists. Benefits of having breakfast includes enhanced vitamin and mineral intake, weight control, clearer thinking and a way to get metabolism in gear for the day. National Breakfast Day is… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Confession of Murder

Thanks to Golden Village and, once again I get to watch the movie preview~ This round, of the Korean action thriller, Confession of Murder. Surprise, surprise, and surprise! Everything is out of my expectation. Never expect so much action… Continue Reading →

Saying Hi to Ajahn Brahm

Was having a long day before I spent all the money(almost) in my wallet to rush to attend to his talk, surprised to find him sitting outside the hall to sign his books and take photos with others. =) I… Continue Reading →


Finally get to eat my double flavoured sundae~ Happy

Oz The Great And Powerful

Talk to me about “The Wizard of Oz” and the only thing I remembered is this: Taken in Hollywood, 2010 The only character that leave me deep impression is actually the Tin Man, for I was constantly reminded of him… Continue Reading →

Bought & Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking

It’s been a long time since I last passed by National Library, on my way home, we turned and saw a lot of display stands. A glance towards them and my attention is captured by a “distorted” photo and the… Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume. – Jean De Boufflers.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wish you have a…Happy Valentine’s Day if you have a ValentineHappy Singles Awareness Day if you are singleHappy Friendship Day if you are my friend 😛

昙花一现 A flash in the pan

妈妈种的昙花在农历初二十点半盛开了!尽管只是昙花一现,妈妈却也乐翻了!虽然美好的事物未必长久,但别忘了感恩。毕竟此刻,我们是真的感到无比幸福。 百度百科:昙花一现,指美好的事物出现的时间很短。昙花是一种灌木状肉质植物,花朵非常美丽,但是开花时间却只有3至4小时,可谓十分之短。人们用昙花一现来比喻美好事物不持久。 The Epiphyllum (also called night-blooming cereus) which mum is planting bloomed on the second day of Lunar New Year 10.30PM.Although it’s just a flash in the pan, she is over-joyed!Even though good things might not last long, but… Continue Reading →

农历新年快乐!Happy Lunar New Year!

阿愣谢谢双福星财神送“旺”来!祝大家蛇年行大运,吃蛇也行运~ Danbo thanks Fortunate God for sending the good fortunate over~Wish all have good fortunate in Lunar Year of Snake~

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