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Good News? Bad News?

It came to a shock when I heard about the news, not too traumatising, but I feel relieved. Finally, there is closure. Haha, to think I was wondering if the change in plan is due to someone higher, I am… Continue Reading →


新年快乐! 祝您在新的一年里平安快乐、身体健康,愿您所有的梦想都能在鼠年得以实现。 挺开心我们可以在农历新年除夕前把家务做完(其余的,我们决定闭一只眼假装我们没考虑到,哈哈!)。 年初一,我们循例和家翁家人吃午餐,然后去家婆弟弟家拜年。 吃了鼠年第一餐鱼生~ Kpo Kia与她的表哥,表姐,玩得闹翻了天,让我想起小时候回马来西亚探亲时的热闹状况,有点想念。。。 很高兴她可以有进同龄的侵权,希望她们可以通过一年数次的见面机会促进感情。 We managed to clear our housework on Chinese New Year eve, those we cannot finish… haha, are classified as housework that do not need to be cleared before Chinese New Year. First… Continue Reading →

LipIce Sheer Colour sample giveaway

Thanks to JL, after reading her blog I can confirm that the LipIce Sheer Colour sample giveaway is not some Facebook scam that will make me into a laughing stock… or target of anger… You can redeem your free Lipice… Continue Reading →

Goodie bags day~

It’s mid November! Another 1.5 months it will be 2013, time flies! Yesterday meet up with G to have lunch before we go to collect the race pack for Brooks Run Happy race pack… Happen that there is this Converse… Continue Reading →

Dumb Ways to Die

There are too many dumb ways to die… 🙂 I find this video cute and catch our attention easily.Let’s all die in a ‘smarter’ manner, help others more often and dare to enjoy and experience life more before we die…… Continue Reading →

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