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When Kpo Kia turns one…

Can you believe I procrastinated for so long? Haha… finally decided to backlog and post about Kpo Kia’s first birthday! Just few weeks before her first year birthday, Kpo Kia is able to walk! But as she still can’t coordinate… Continue Reading →


祝大家鸡年行大运, 鸡会多多, 鸡星高照! 记得,好运一到,鸡不可失! 吓够大家了。。。 还是来张可爱点的吧! A photo posted by cf (@chokfern) on Jan 27, 2017 at 10:21pm PST

Kpo Kia @ her 15th months – Baby vocabulary

At her 15 months, her limited vocabulary includes the following words: Papa Mama Nana (She is refering to banana actually, she LOVES banana and she can always identify it in supermarket) Cat (She can point to cat and shout ‘cat’,… Continue Reading →

Movie Review: School Tales

For whatever reason, in recent year I realised my first movie of the year starts with horror show 😛 This round, it starts with the Thai film – ‘School Tales’. Movie synopsisEvery school has its tales of horror and mystery…… Continue Reading →

Throwback: Our first staycation at D’Kranji Farm Resort

This is a very backdated post, I guess for the next few posts I will still post events that happened in 2016, just for record purpose 😛 After few months stucked between the few house – our house, his parent’s… Continue Reading →

FREE $5 SuperMom Vouchers for Baby Fair 2017 ( 17-19 Feb 2017 @ Marina Bay Sand, Singapore)

Going to Baby Fair become a favourite shopping events for Mr. G and I ever since we found out about Kpo Kia, we can get almost everything we need (and don’t need) all in the same event. As a first… Continue Reading →

Ouch! She knocked her head!

Recently, Kpo Kia caused alarm in the whole family, she knocked her head!While we are quite used to it – she has been falling down from bed many times and even fall from crawling on the floor, this time it… Continue Reading →

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