Kpo Kia @ her 21st months

One month plus into her enrichment class in My Little Genius @ Hougang, her progress is not as fast as I expected, she still don't really understand the instruction of the teachers well. Talked to the admin lady (I keep forgotten to ask her name but she recognised me!) and she assured me that I need to give Kpo kia more time to adapt and pick up everything. Interestingly, I realised Kpo Kia is not very responsive to instructions conversated in Mandarin, but more active when it comes to Chinese song =.=" I guess we really speak to her too little in Mandarin and it's good to enforce at least an hour of pure Mandarin class to her every fortnight.

It's the season of HFMD and I am pretty worried. On National day eve, when I was told that her classmate is also suspected of HFMD and deemed unfit to go to school, I quickly took a day of urgent leave and rushed to her centre and brought her home. Never had I imagine to do such 'silly things' (at least not before the 'antibiotic incident')  and behave like a 'over paranoid/protective parent'. Kpo kia don't seem to be affected at all, and happily go home with me.

HFMD now become my potential nightmare, every HFMD case announced in school, my heart will skip a bit... more stressful than looking at stock market (LOL, it's true! I am a low risk taker so I won't even turn into stock in the first place!)
Anti-bacteria spray to counter HFMD

Pretending to be a princess
My model since dunno what to do at home. LOL


  1. hfdm is pretty serius case...u better not sent her to school if there is a case..did the spray really works?where did you but it?


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