Kpo Kia @ her 20th months

Time flies and she turned 20th month in end June.

Interestingly, she spoke lesser new words after she went to childcare, instead, she began to talk more 'baby language' which basically don't make sense to any adult, at least not to Kpo Kia papa and mama.

Recently, she is picking up a few "new skills":

She learned to sing Happy Birthday song!!!
Although she obviously cannot pronounce her own name and we keep hearing "Hapi ber-day 鸡精!"

Also, she is inventing her own words:
Mama: A... for Apple!
Mama: A... A... A... Apple
Mama: A for ?
Kpo Kia: A-ber
Mama: B... for Ball!
Mama: B... B... B... Ball
Mama: B for ?
Kpo Kia: B-ber
*Mama LOL*
Mama: C for?
Kpo Kia: B-ber
Mama: D for?
Kpo Kia: D-ber
Mama: E for?
Kpo Kia: E-ber
*Mama roll on floor laughing*

She is showing off her negotiation skills during her changing time....
  1. She struggles
  2. Mama hand her a diaper
  3. She mumbles and shakes head says NO
  4. Papa hand her his key pouch holder
  5. She mumbles and shakes head says NO
  6. Mama pass her clothes
  7. She mumbles and shakes head say NO
  8. Papa pass her his wallet
  9. Look • Pause • Take over the wallet
Deal done. Diaper changed

Oh my dear Kpo Kia... Mama is so amaze and so amuse by your growth and changes.
*Bear Hug*
Haha. mama played a joke on her, and think she don't find it as funny? :P (nah, she laughed at herself when she saw this photo!)


  1. Such a sweet personal mummy-daughter post this is. I am sure you will enjoy reading it again 20 years down the line. May your daughter grow up healthy and filial.

    1. Thanks~ I also wish she can be healthy and filial~ :)

  2. This is so funny I had this big smile on my face reading this, kids are just so cute.

    1. Thanks! I know right! Kids are so adorable and no matter how tired and stress, they always managed to cheer us up!

  3. Aww! She's too cute! Love how she accepted the wallet during diaper change HAHA 🤣

    yanrula x

    1. Haha. Yah. We always joked she have a dollar sensor in her, will judge which is more valuable before we can 'close a deal'

  4. So cute, look at those chubby cheeks. Cant resist. Post a blog which give memorable flashback. THIS IS THE ONE. I bet you will be having a smile,when u scroll blog back.

    1. Thanks!! Yah. I love to pinch her chubby cheeks~

  5. She is so adorable! Ber ber ber hahahaha, how cute!


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