As I was surfing, I come across this website – New Zealand Food Bloggers Association.
The association is open to all New Zealand food bloggers to join and they will get to promote their blog on the website.

This is interesting to me.

While I know a few organisations (, nuffnang) that promotes blogging community, I understand that they do not limit to theme-based blogger.

Anyway, wish to share few of the food blogs that I found and like:

New Zealand


Green army: Tell me which type of food blog do you prefer?
Grey army: Stay away! I only want to eat!~

Noticed that while most (more famous) food blogger from Singapore are sharing their food review, most food blogger from New Zealand are sharing their recipes and cooking experience. I am not sure if it’s just I didn’t surf enough, or it’s just a cultural difference. I have to admit I do not understand both country blogging community well enough as I am still new to the blogging community and although I blogged for years, I have been keeping it more as a personal journal all these while.