Attended a workshop organised by Francis Lee. One of the objective of the workshop is for people like me to ‘re-look, re-visit, re-cap’ our thoughts. 🙂

Francis shared some thoughts on my previous batch of cosplay photo and given me some advices to try out, now I am so eager to try out his tips on my next cosplay photo shooting 😛

Anyway, these are some of the photos taken today in hurry as it keeps drizzling and unfortunately I didn’t own a waterproof camera ;p

Can see the “slide marks” of the snail, think is it trying to go against gravity and climb up?

Initial thoughts of it is, I am progressing as slow as a snail in my photography skill.
Suddenly, the quote by Confucious “It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop” suddenly comes to me and I decided that I shall not be beaten down by myself. 🙂

Advised composition by Francis to makes it looks less “flat and boring”.

Haha, I meant this to be “telephoto” effects but realised it create wide lens effect.

Advised composition by Francis – removed the distracting parts to make my wide lens effect more obvious.

Enjoyed the workshop a lot, love the photo-critic session where we always get to learn from each other.