Wanted to carry lanterns with the weirdos but somehow the timing always cannot fit in well. So G decided that we can go to carry the lantern this year. Heard that there are fireworks at the Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden this year, so decide to go.

Bright Moon on the lunar 14th August

The Lantern Festival 2012 at Chinese Garden is open to public from 7 September 2012 to 7 October 2012, 9am to 11pm daily. The ticket cost is $8.00 for Child and $12.00 for Adult, but passion card members are entitled to $2 discount.
Initially we thought that they will give out free lanterns… but only realised the free lanterns are available for the first 500 visitors of the day 🙁

Passion card members have $2 off!

What we get to see when we enter the Chinese Garden

First lanters we saw are this batch of ants….

One of the highlight is the 3-minute fireworks at 9pm every Saturday and Sunday, and a special 5-minute fireworks display on 30 September, which we decided to skip to avoid the crowd, and for fear it is too tired to travel back home on the Sunday evening.

Mission of the night… take fireworks… but quite a failure 🙁

The Little Matchstick Girl – 卖火柴的小女孩

The Tortoise and the Hare – 龟兔赛跑

Brave act of Si Ma Guang – 司马光破瓮救友

I like the reflections 🙂

They have quite a few different type of dragon lanterns.

After the hot and sticky walk, we went back to McDonald for supper till quite ‘late’ in the morning.